Guide to obtain your Oculus Token
For Oculus downgrader and other applications
Info: Is this tool piracy?
No. You're downloading from Oculus servers and those check that you own the game
Your token is something private. Everyone who has it can download apps, send messages, ... with your name.
But then the question comes why do I give it Oculus downgrader? Oculus downgrader needs to authenticate the download with oculus so it needs your token. After you entered the token it gets stored locally on your PC and is ONLY shared with Oculus servers to proof that you own the game.
Step 1: Sign in
Open and sign into your Oculus/Facebook account.
Step 2: Open developer tools
PC and Mac:
On hit ctrl + shift + i and go to the network tab (see picture)

Kiwi Browser (Android):
On tap the 3 dots in the top right and tap on developer tools
Step 3: Reload the page and filter for graphql
PC and Mac:
Reload the page next to your address bar (1).
Then in the network tab type graphql into the filter box (2).

Kiwi Browser (Android):
Switch the tab to the developer tools tab that just opened. Click the arrows to the right on the top and click Network. Filter for graphql. Go back to the tab in which you have open and reload the site.
Step 4: Copy the access_token
Next click the last request (1) and open the payload tab (2) (if payload is not present go to the header tab). Then search for a label named access_token. Copy the text after that (3). You can copy it by right clicking and pressing copy value.

Next click the last request (1) and open the request tab. Then search for a label named access_token and copy its value (3). You can copy it by right clicking and pressing copy value.

Kiwi Browser (Android):
Go back to the dev tools tab and click on the last request at the bottom. Then in the headers tab tap and hold on access_token: and tap copy value.

Before putting your token it you can check the validity of your token by pasting it into this text box and clicking Validate token
Validate token
You can then paste your token with ctrl + v into Oculus downgrader.