Guide for Oculus downgrader
Info: Is this tool piracy?
No. You're downloading from Oculus servers and those check that you own the game
Important info about tokens
Your token is something private. Anyone who has it can download apps, send messages, ... with your name.
But then the question comes why do I give it Oculus downgrader? Oculus downgrader needs to authenticate the download with oculus and do requests to oculus api so it needs your token. After you entered the token it gets stored locally and encrypted on your PC and ONLY shared with an official tool by Oculus to download rift apps.
Why does Oculus downgrader need administrative permissions?
Oculus does not allow rift applications to run from a place other than their libary folder which is located in Program files (which needs administrative permissions to modify). So to move all the files in that folder Oculus downgrader needs administrative permissions.
If you have further concern you can ask me on Discord or read the source code.
Download the tool
You can download the latest release from here. Download the zip, extract it and run the program. As part of the setup process enter your access_token. Follow the guide here to obtain it.
Downgrade Beat Saber
In the menu choose option 1. Then type in the version you want and hit enter. Hit enter again to confirm the version you choose. The download should now start.
Downgrade any other game
In the menu choose option 2. Then type in the app you want do downgrade (you may need to type the full name if you didn't already) and hit enter. Type in the version you want and hit enter. Hit enter again to confirm the version you choose. The download should now start.
Launch your downgraded games
Make sure you give Oculus downgrader administrative access! In the menu choose option 3. You can then type in the game you want and cofirm with enter. After that type the version you want. If you don't remember changing that then just hit enter, otherwise type the full path to your library. Your game should be copied (as Oculus doesn't allow games to start from other folders) and then be launched. If you install an game you can optionally mod it from withing Oculus downgrader.
Update your access_token
In the menu choose option 5 and follow the provided steps.
Change Headset
In the menu choose option 8 and type any of the headsets displayed. You can then use everything in the tool for the headset you chose
My game crashes when I launch it!
This is often due to a entitlement check error. Usually this is user error in the downgrader setup and can be easily resolved:
First open your oculus app on your PC and go into settings. There go to general and click library location. Note one of the entries down (an example can be D:\Oculus)
Then open Oculus downgrader and choose option 6. In there put what you saw in the oculus app (in our example it is D:\Oculus but it may vary for you).
You should now be able to launch your game without crashing.