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How do I use this?
Log in on oculus.com, search for an app, click on it, click on the version your want to download and you got yourself an apk you can install.
Alternatively you can watch this video guide by Cas and Chary VR. But make sure you have devloper mode enabled as this is a requirement to install apps.
If you get an Error saying "Error the site could not be found" then you're most likely not logged in on oculus.com (in this browser). If you are 100% sure you own the app and are signed in try a different browser like Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Otherwise you don't own the app you're trying to download.
Is this legal?
I cannot give an 100% correct answer on that. But it uses Oculus public API and official download servers (for which you need to own the app and be logged in on oculus.com to download the app) to get all the information.
So if you ask me I'd say yes, it is legal.

The APK fails to install on Sidequest and says SAFESIDE or is stuck on Checking APK against blacklist
First download this file (your browser may flag this as a virus but it isn't. You can check the code here). Then open the file, connect your quest and drag and drop the apk you downloaded into the window and press enter. The apk should get installed.
do all of this while your quest is plugged in. If you have any issues feel free to ask on the Beat Saber legacy group Discord Server

Note: This will NOT make Sidequest able to install the APK. It'll install the APK without Sidequest

Sidequest does not want to remove some apps from their blacklist because quote: "We are unable to provide support for apps that are not listed on SideQuest."
What to do when getting An Error occured
Try again in 10 minutes or so. If the issue still persists contact ComputerElite via Discord. if you came here to download version 1.13.2 of Beat Saber you can download it here after logging in on oculus.com.
Why do I get Request to Oculus failed
This is not your fault. This shown up when my proxy server (which makes you able to do requests to Oculus) is shut down. Currently it has reached the maximum runtime for this month. While this happens all cached data will be used so you can continue to use this site.
API found by nyamimi, requests found by Lillie, page by ComputerElite